Why You Should Choose Vintage Rugs for Your Home

July 8, 2021

There’s something so special about items or products that have a history or story behind them. For instance, items that have been around for so long that are even older than you. We hear or see the word “vintage”, we immediately think “aged” and outdated. But these vintage items are actually very popular nowadays. People seem to be loving the idea of going back to the past and reliving certain periods of their lives. It’s probably because of the events that had transpired in 2020, but whatever the reason is, it’s a fact that things that vintage stuff will not go out of style.

Vintage rugs have a distinct appeal to them that no matter how rustic they may look, they would always add sophistication to any space. Using vintage pieces definitely add a sense of achievement especially if it’s something that no one else has. They are also great conversation starters and would help you easily break the ice.

There are factors to consider when choosing a vintage rug.

There’s the price factor, the wear factor, and definitely the size of it and how well it would look in a room or space.

So, how do you choose your vintage rug? Here are some tips.


Find some inspiration.

It’s best if you already have a design or pattern in mind because once you’re ready to purchase, these inspirations will come in handy. It will be easier for you to decide if you already have a color or palette you want for your space.

Find the right size.

Measure the room you want to place your rug in. Rugs act as frames for your furniture so it should be a piece that will fit comfortably.

Set a budget.

You do not want to overspend on a something you might regret later. Vintage rugs are relatively quite expensive, so if you set a budget, you may find something special that will last you a long time.


The brand Nourison released the Damask collection that really captures the vintage style you will love. Here are a couple of their pieces.


Nourison Damask Vintage Ivory Rug DAS06

The Nourison Damask collection is all about elegance. There is softness and sensuality in this piece that will capture the eyes of anyone. The neutral tones make it versatile and the patterns really capture the essence of vintage style. For a modern finish, this area rug is edged with slender ribbon borders. This beauty is made from 83% polyester material, 14% cotton, and 3% rayon and is imported from India.




Nourison TWILIGHT Vintage Rugs TWI29

The Twilight collection really embodies soft and serene designs because the inspiration comes from the light from early evenings. The neutral colors make it both vintage yet modern – something the people really look for nowadays. It is loom woven and made from wool and luxcelle materials, that perfectly complement the distinct appeal and lustrous appeal of this area rug, which will amplify the beauty of one’s home.



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