Why Traditional Rugs Are Excellent Choice for Your Home

February 26, 2021

Anyone who has their own space knows that it’s always an exciting time when buying home décor. There’s that adrenaline rush that goes through your body when you think about the different possible combinations plus the color palettes you can do. There’s also the thing about comfort and how it would make your space feel a certain way. Style and comfort rolled into one is such a great investment. Rugs, in particular, have become a staple in so many homes because of these two things.

Rugs are classified into two kinds: Modern and Traditional. When you say modern or contemporary, the designs do not necessarily reflect history or do not carry centuries-old designs. Traditional, on the other hand, are easy to identify because of the details. These rugs normally have centuries-old designs and patterns that carefully depict the essence of time.

So what makes traditional rugs really good?

Traditional rugs can enhance the look of your space

Traditional rugs have that “vintage” appeal that would look absolutely divine when paired with modern interiors. Sometimes, too much modern aesthetic could seem over the top and disengaged from reality, that is why anything classic really makes any space have more attitude. Traditional rugs add that natural feel especially because of the details normally embedded on the rug.

They will always remain in fashion

Traditional rugs never go out of style, plus, there is an air of quality because of the skill and craft that go with creating these rugs. Traditional rugs boast intricate detailing with some history surrounding them. Over time, traditional rugs tend to age which gets even more aesthetically pleasing as days go by – of course using techniques to take care of it. So, for anyone who wants décor that would really stand the test of time, traditional rugs are the way to go.

Here are some of our best picks for you traditional rug needs.


Loloi Loren Traditional Rugs

The best thing about choosing traditional rugs is that it provides that classic feel to your home. Loloi Loren traditional rugs collection are just some of the best out there. Handwoven and made in Turkey, these rugs offer vintage designs with some textured effect by portraying every single knot on a soft polyester base.



Nourison Nourison 2020 Multicolor Area Rug

The Nourison 2020 collection released selections of traditional area rugs that are absolutely alluring to the eyes and irresistible to the touch. Made of 30% cornfiber and 70% polyester, the designs are machine made but meticulously crafted to achieve that silky texture.



Momeni Anatolia Traditional Rugs

Well-detail and classic – just the best words to describe all the designs from the Momeni traditional rugs collection. This particular machine made design has just the most intricate detail that could just light up a room. It’s 50% wool and 50% Nylon that guarantee durability.


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