What to Consider for Rugs that keep your Room Toasty?

March 10, 2016

Winter season is almost here and it is time to pull out all your blankets, sweaters, beanies, get the firewood ready and yes explore those missing pairs of warm socks to stay warm and toasty.

A good quality area rug can offer both qualities: it can greatly reduce the amount of heat that is needed to keep you cozy in a room and can also maintain a soft and warm barrier just between your feet and hard floor. Here we have mentioned a few ways that works in order to keep your every room toasty during those chilly nights.




Area rugs are sure to be a great insulator.  They can act as insulation between the cold floor and your feet. Hardwood floors can get usually cold during chilly days. It is better to go with area rugs that is thicker and gives better insulation into the room and yes keep you remain warm.

Stich Count

Stitch count play an important role as the higher the stitch count that means rug provides a better insulation. If you really want to keep your room warm with a rug, then it always good to opt for one that is thick with high stitch count.


Material is another vital element to provide insulation against cold. Wool is no doubt the best insulator that is extremely soft and durable. On the other hand, it is quite expensive and need some special cleaning methods. Nylon, acrylic and cotton deliver better insulation as well but they are not so durable. But they are available in affordable prices and easier to clean.

If you have some more handy tips in your mind that how a rug can keep your room toasty during chilly nights, then you can also share your ideas with us.

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