What Flat Weave Area Rugs Are and the Best Rizzy Pieces

April 30, 2021

Rugs are normally underappreciated because these are underfoot but over the years they have gone to be such an important element of home décor. Rugs are not just an amazing piece of decoration but they are extremely functional as well. By now you may have already been familiar with the different kinds of rugs. One of those is flatweave rugs. What are these and how can you distinguish them from the other types of area rugs?


The main thing about flatweave rugs is that it is made without the inclusion of knots at all, which are normally how rugs are constructed. The construction of a flatweave rug is by flat weaving technique or parallel running fibers that make up the length of the whole rug and the fibers that run along its width cover the surface. Flat weaving is a popular technique that is also used in other rug designs. Flatweave area rugs are also known for bringing several benefits in terms of aesthetics and functionality.


So what are some of these benefits?


They are great to use any time of year.

Some rugs are only good to use for a particular season or weather, but flatweave rugs are wonderful to use throughout the year. These rugs may also affect the temperature of your space and would be beneficial as an insulator during the colder months of the year as a way to keep the heat. At the same time, they are light and breathable so they would not trap too much heat during the summertime.


They come in so many colors and patterns.

Flatweave area rugs often come in amazing color palettes and a variety of options to choose from. They can go from something simple to sophisticated to abstract. There is no shortage of selection when it comes to these types of rugs.


They are budget-friendly.

We can all agree that rugs can be quite an expensive purchase. But what’s great about these rugs is that they are good investments quality-wise. Plus, a high-quality flatweave rug is much more affordable compared to other rugs. They cost much less but still providing that much-needed aesthetic makeover your space demands.


Here are three of the best Rizzy Flatweave Area Rug Pieces


Rizzy Home Cavender Casual Red Rug CAV103

Our first pick is the Rizzy Home brand released the Cavender collection comprising of amazing flatweave area rugs. This particular design has that red tone that would look absolutely divine to any space. Handwoven using polypropylene and polyester materials which would definitely last a long time.



Rizzy Home Cavender Casual Beige Rug CAV104

Durable yet ultra-soft, the Rizzy Home Cavender Casual Beige Rug CAV104 has that cord-like fiber made of 85% polypropylene and 15% polyester that would last you a long time. This beige color is so versatile that it could be used for any season and placed in any room.



Rizzy Home Cavender Casual Beige Rug CAV104

From the same Rizzy collection, this blue-colored flatweave rug is so relaxing it would remind anyone of the ocean. The Rizzy Home Cavender Casual Beige Rug CAV104 is handwoven using polypropylene and polyester materials, known for its stability and durability. This rug is imported from India.


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