Tips on How to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

February 11, 2021

The living room is regarded as the major room in the house because it is actually where so many things take place. It makes that lasting impression especially if you always have friends or neighbors over so it is a make or break. Because it is the social hub of your house, you will want to set the tone for whatever activity is going to happen so you really have to think about how you would want to decorate it.

For others, it is really important to make their living rooms not just really presentable for social gatherings but to make it look very luxurious. Here are some of the best tricks on how to make your living room expensive.



The color of any room really makes all the difference especially when you are trying to achieve a certain look. However, so many people are struggling to choose the perfect color scheme or combination. The easiest way to make your living room look luxurious is to base the colors on the furniture pieces. Which ones are your most expensive furniture? From there you could have a general idea of the color that will fit the room.



The ultimate deal-breaker when it comes to your living room is clutter. A cluttered living area makes your whole house look unappealing and unpresentable. Choose kinds of furniture that will not hog all the space. When there’s more room for everyone to gather and do fun stuff, the room looks bigger and more luxurious. Consider factors such as focal point and traffic flow.



One of the best tricks in making your living room bigger and expensive is to hang your curtain up high – as close to the ceiling as possible. It gives the illusion of soaring ceilings and huge windows. It really does the trick.



A well-lit room really gives off that inviting vibe, but to make it look luxurious, you should consider the types of lighting that will fit into your space. An overhead chandelier is definitely the go-to piece if you want a luxurious feel.



Area rugs are important in really amplifying the look of your living room. However, you need to consider the size. If you choose an area rug that is too small, it could make the room look disjointed which really ruins the whole look. Carefully pick out the best size and color that will complement other elements in your living room.


Timeless and classic are what these Momeni area rugs and Loloi area rugs bring to your home. If you want that vintage, yet expensive feel to your home, these are our best picks.

Momeni Anatolia Traditional Rugs

This area rug has a traditional style made of 50% wool and 50% nylon materials. The shades of light blue and the pattern would really capture anyone’s attention.


Momeni New Wave Nw01 Blue Rug

Made of 100% special blend of Chinese wool, this area rug just looks like a painting that would stand-out. Hand-tufted by expert artisans, this rug has that added depth that can only be achieved when done meticulously.


Momeni Ghazni Gz04 Red Rug

Another timeless design from the Momeni Ghazni collection is this Momeni area rug made of 100% Polypropylene that expresses art from centuries-old Kazak. Because of its material, not only is it stain resistant but it will surely stand the test of time.


For more Momeni rugs, check out this link.

Loloi Loren Traditional Rugs

This piece from the Loren collection gives that classic twist to your home. Created in Turkey from 100% Polyester, this handwoven design provides elegance that will make your living space feel absolutely lush.


More Loloi area rugs here.

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