Tips on How to Choose a Rug Color Plus Our Best Momeni Area Rug Picks

March 4, 2021

Color is a very important element of art. It evokes so many emotions, memories, reactions, and may even dictate a person’s choice. When we are talking about color inside your home, not only do colors create an atmosphere, they could also make or break a look. For instance, how do you know which color would best suit your living room or your outdoor space? Matching the color of your rug and furniture could also be at times tricky. Figuring out how each room would look different is something that needs work.


Here are some of our simple tips.


Importance of Contrast

Sometimes, the best way to make color come together is by choosing contrasting shades or colors that come from different segments. To make a space look balanced, you must consider colors that would create that beautiful contrast. Like for an orange, red, or yellow wall, choose rugs with contrasting colors such as soft or muted shades. Sofa or couches with bold colors, a rug with a mix of both shades could also work very well.


Momeni Gramercy Contemporary Rugs Gm-27


For that soft or muted shade, you can go for this Momeni Gramercy Contemporary rug that is 100% wool and hand loomed. Check out the Momeni Gramercy collection for more.

Cool colors for a relaxing vibe

As mentioned above, colors definitely set the tone or the atmosphere of your space. Rugs with cool colors give off that calming aura that most of us need after a hard day’s work. Who wouldn’t just want a space that oozes with colors that could make you feel relaxed especially if you want a break from all the stress that life may sometimes bring.

Momeni Tangier Traditional Rugs


Traditional rugs may seem outdated to some, but these actually look incredible indoors but some designs/colors work well whether indoor or outdoor. The cool colors in this particular design are relaxing to look at. The rustic outdoor style with cool colors that are relaxing to the eyes. Made of 100% wool that has been hand-hooked and tip sheared, plus washed to create that worn rugged effect. The Momeni Tangier collection also has some incredible selections.


Darker Tones

While dark colors usually provide a good pop to the other lighter elements in the room, it’s not something that would suit every home or living space. You will have to keep in mind certain aspects including the lighting and the overall orientation of your space. However, these colors when used in spaces with large windows really make it eye-catching.

Momeni New Wave Nw119 Purple Rug


The Momeni contemporary collection offers a variety of explosive designs for anyone who wants darker shades in their home. This particular design is hand-tufted by expert artisans using a special blend of the highest quality Chinese wools. Made of 100% fiber, it will definitely give your space that expensive feel.

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