The Mesmerizing and Beautiful Momeni new wave Rugs

April 12, 2016

How would you love an artistic splash of colors in your home rugs? Of course the answer is yes! As all of us naturally have a taste for colors and this is the very factor that renders Momeni Lil Mo Hipster Area Rug a favorite among all our customers. If there is one rug that our customers never seem to have enough of, it is these rugs.

Keeping in view the ever increasing demand and popularity of these rugs, we are always trying our level best to provide our customers with a huge variety of these rugs. Since the Momeni New Wave Rugs not only come in a rich variety of colors but also in a huge variety of designs it has been nothing short of an endeavor for us to bring together a collection that not entails a variety of colors but also designs.

To ensure that our collection of this popular rug has something for all our customers, we have carefully compiled an array of the most beautiful designs and colors and that too at reduced prices. Yes! In order to facilitate all our customers to buy at least a few rugs of their choice from this collection, we are offering mega discount on these rugs. Therefore, if the prices of these beautiful rugs have previously come in your way of buying these for your place then be assured that these have now been rendered well within you range by our mega discount offer.


Similarly, if you have failed to find these rugs in the size you require and are desperately on the outlook for the required size then we have good news for you too.  We at Home Brands USA, is offering a range of sizes so you may be able to buy these rugs in your required size.

We encourage you to log onto and have a look at the complete variety of colors, sizes and designs. Since, we are offering you a rich range, make sure that you take out a few minutes and get your family on board to buy these for your home.

This is not all, as Home Brands USA, true to its name, is also offering free delivery on all your orders. It seems that the offer cannot better with a huge variety, beautiful colors, mesmerizing designs, range of sizes, discounted prices and free delivery offer.

With its highest quality wool, soft texture and amazing shine, this rug can infuse life and color to your home therefore, take advantage of this opportunity to beautify your home and lend it a look like never before. We are positive that you are going to love these rugs and the look that it imparts to your home.

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