Southwestern Area Rugs You Will Want to Add to Your Home

June 10, 2021

Interior design is constantly evolving. We have seen new styles emerge over the years, mostly because of how quickly consumers also change their preferences along with what’s popular. Home décor designers have stepped up their game. Because of the current global situation, so many trends are taking the world and online world by storm.

Area rugs are known for its multiple benefits to your home. First of all, rugs add that needed warmth especially when the weather is getting too cold. Another is the color and the style that these add to your space. One popular trend in area rugs these days are the Southwestern rugs. These rugs are also known as Navajo rugs that are hand-woven by the Navajo people from New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. The intricate designs do not just add that artistic vibe to your home but these also tell a story because the patterns show a particular time or period. If you’re one to really enjoy products like this, Southwest area rugs would be perfect for your home.


The brands Rizzy and Home Afrozz released some of the most wonderful Southwest rugs that are just waiting for you to pick them up. Here are our favorites.


Rizzy Southwest SU9011 gray RUG

This Southwest area rug with that tribal vibe is one of our picks because of the combo of the colors gray and maroon, plus the detail embedded on the rug. Hand serge on all four sides in matching wool, this area rug is hand tufted which ensures durability that will last a long time. Place it on your living area and match it with mustard yellow throw pillows and green sofa, you will achieve that country style look.


RIZZY Southwest SU2009 Red RUG

This area rug is inspired by the Native American art and textiles, which really embodies that Southwestern feel. Timeless and unique, the red color and the amazing details would look so cozy with dark wood furniture and some beiges or white accents. It is of wool material and is hand tufted.


RIZZY Southwest SU2012 Red RUG

When we talk about Native American Art, the patterns are easy to distinguish and so detailed that influenced so many of our textiles today. This particular runner is hand crafted of soft blended wool which brought such rich colors. This piece is hand tufted and imported from India.



Home Afrozz Home Afrozz Durango Red Southwest Rug DR1001

As what we have said, what makes southwestern rugs unique is the way its patterns tell a story. This particular one was inspired by the art several generations back. The red color plus the muted greens and beiges scream sophistication. This one is also hand-tufted using a wool material which should last a long time.


Home Afrozz Home Afrozz Durango Rust Southwest Rug DR1010

Still from the same brand, Home Afrozz has really mastered the tribal or western look in rugs with some modern twist. This piece has that rust color which is very much popular these days especially when matched with other natural colors. Hand-tufted and from India. Get excited to decorate your home with this wonderful area rug.



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