Some Cool Modern Rug Choices for Your Home

February 4, 2021

Decorating your home can sometimes become such a daunting and exhausting task especially if you don’t have a creative bone in your body. While for others, it’s like a walk in the park, some people find it difficult to figure out which goes with which. Even if you’re not a pro when it comes to decorating, you should already know that rugs really make a lot of difference in a room.

Rugs can make or break a room so it’s important to get it right. Picking out which one will work best and what goes with your aesthetic don’t always mean that it should be what’s on trend at the moment. But sometimes, knowing what’s considered trendy nowadays can be very helpful in narrowing down your choices.

Here are some of the hottest modern rug trends right now.


Hand-woven rugs

Handmade items are very much on trend right now. They are usually quite expensive because these rugs are challenging to manufacture. The thing about hand-woven rugs is that they add such authenticity and history to any room. They are sturdy as well, which will definitely last a long time.

Nourison Contour 458 Mocha Rug

This handcrafted Nourison area rug features a transitional and contemporary pattern which would look absolutely beautiful indoors or outdoors. Made from 100% polyester, it creates such dramatic and striking look to your home while ensuring that it will last a long time. For more designs, check out this link.



Bright rugs

Bright and bold colored rugs are quite popular these days, especially because of how very little effort you would only need to change the look of a room using them. You really can never go wrong with bright and bold colored rugs, and this year, it’s not going anywhere.

Dayln Cabana Gv214 Multi Rug

Dayln area rugs are our choice for bright and bold colored rugs for your home. They are of woven Polypropylene material with shades of blue, taupe, paprika, and chocolate. If you’re into that “antique” look, this one is for you.


Momeni area rugs also have such incredible selection of bright and colored rugs that will be perfect for your space.

Momeni Coastal Cc01 Blue Rug


Patterned rugs

Patterned rugs have been such a popular statement piece for years and still, to this day, highly sought-after. Patterned rugs are often colorful and for 2021, experts are predicting that they will replace geometric rugs that became popular in recent years. Loloi area rugs have an amazing selection of patterned rugs such as:

Loloi Anastasia Af12 Ivory / Multi Rug

Made from Polypropylene & polyester material, this multi colored patterned rug is high quality and would make any space look absolutely divine.


For more choices, check out this link.

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