Quirky and Unique Rugs to Add More Character to Your Home

July 16, 2021

There’s art behind these wonderful area rugs that we see every day, whether at home or at someone else’s place. Area rugs are not just for comfort, they can also serve as eye candies and will contribute to the overall aesthetic of a room. Area rugs usually set the tone or the whole vibe of your space and it’s a great way to express yourself. These pieces are made with precision and proficiency which is why you will notice that no two handmade rugs are identical with the other. The work behind these works of art allows you to pass it on from one generation to the next.


Area rugs are truly versatile and can be used to create an atmosphere according to your liking. If you want sophistication and history, there are vintage pieces and if you want additional life to your space, there are colorful area rugs you can turn to. Another great vibe to try now are quirky and unique rugs that would absolutely bring joy to anyone who sees it. If you are ready to make some changes to your space, here are some of our recommendations to achieve that change you are wanting to see.


Momeni Jewel Rugs

Momeni created some of the most unique area rugs that you could use for that one-of-a-kind space you want to achieve. This particular piece from Momeni’s Jewel collection is made of 100% polypropylene material which is known for its safe materials and durability. The combination of teal and red in the design is very relaxing to the eyes. It will look great in wood furniture and neutrals to balance it out.


Momeni Charlotte Rugs

Although the design is not as bold or as loud as the previous one in this list, this piece is such a unique rug because of the texture that you experience when you run your fingers through it. The beige color makes it perfect for any space and is made from polypropylene which is safe to use even for your kids. This machine-made area rug is imported from Turkey.


Momeni Afshar Rugs

The Afshar collection features an old warm charm that makes it look even more high-end. The rich colors are masterful with the edges hand-stitched to perfection. Not only does it look unique but it also fits as a timeless piece that will bring even more attitude to your space. Machine-made and is made of one hundred percent polyester material.


Momeni Como Rugs

If you are more into dark-colored rugs but with a unique touch, this one from the Como collection is a great choice. The pattern makes it striking and the charcoal color would highlight your furniture pieces. This Momeni area rug is also machine-made and is imported from Turkey using polypropylene material.



Nothing says quirky than multi-colored area rugs. This Momeni rug from the Delhi collection features vibrant colors with some geometric patterns. Exquisitely hand-tufted and crafted by master craftsmen from India. If you are looking for something unique in every true sense of the word, this is a good choice for your home.



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