How to Mix Multiple Patterned Rugs in One Room

January 10, 2017

Mix multiple patterned rugs in one room by matching other design elements. With all of the unique rugs online, you are not required to choose just one design, especially in a larger room. Use these five tips to mix up your interior spaces with a touch of an eclectic style.

Match the Style

Even if the pattern of rugs you have your eye on are not the exact same, sticking to one style or theme can create cohesion in a room. For example, if you search for discount oriental rugs online, the results will be rugs in complementary designs, simply because they are all of oriental style. The same goes for contemporary options, as well, such as geometric pattern area rugs. Even if one rug features squares and another features circular designs, for example, the overall styles could complement one another when placed in the same room.

Match the Colors

If you like different styles of rugs, select items with the same color scheme. For example, a modern blue geometric rug underneath your television viewing area is a great accent for an oriental blue flowered rug in front of your fireplace sitting area in the same room. If you choose hues that work well together and avoid clashing like mixing primary colors with pastels, you will seamlessly be able to mix multiple patterned area rugs in one room.

Match the Shape

Another trick to mixing different patterns together is to mimic the same shape around the room. For example, if you have a round geometric rug in front of your curved sectional couch, look for round floral area rugs to place underneath your eating area in an open floor plan. Choose the shape of your rug based on your furniture pieces, such as a rectangular rug for a long dining table and traditionally shaped sofa. Having complementary lines throughout your space create a cohesive appearance, even if the patterns are not matched.

Match the Size

For a truly eclectic space, ensure an attractive design by matching the sizes of the rugs throughout the room. For example, get two or three large square rugs to divide a large space into different sections in an open floor plan, such as a work area, television area, and eating area. Then, you are able to decorate each section differently, according to your individual tastes. This is a great trick for studio apartments, as well, because it allows you to design separate living and sleeping areas but still visually pull them together with the floor coverings.

Matching Accessories

Another way to decorate a space combining styles and patterns is to choose accessories to tie all of the designs in together. For example, place geometric or floral throw pillows on your sofas and chairs complementing the patterns found in your rugs. Choose drapes and curtains, in the same way, layering different patterns. Look for home decoration items online that match your rugs in color, pattern, or style, to strategically place around the room to create balance and harmony throughout the space.

Mix multiple patterned rugs in one room by finding home decor products online that create a visual flow from one pattern to the next. Create an eclectic, yet cohesive, space to reflect your own unique design style.

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