Liven Up Your Living Room with These Contemporary Rug Ideas

July 23, 2021

Home décor makes such a strong and lasting impact on your space, most especially your living room. The living room is an essential part of your house because aside from the dining area, it’s the place where everyone comes together and makes lasting memories with family and friends. For instance, choosing an area rug that will set the tone for your room is important for a variety of reasons. If you are someone who likes to follow trends, you most likely know what we are talking about. Area rugs may affect both a person’s mood and the overall atmosphere of a room.

Contemporary area rugs are types of rugs that normally have modern designs. These designs can be soft or hard designs depending on the choice of pattern and color. Contemporary area rugs are usually more western and they fit so well in informal homes. These rugs may feature geometric shapes and abstract ones so they will surely liven up the mood of your space.

A living room that has been totally neglected over the years may need some makeover. Here are a few of our choices for contemporary rugs and tips that would revive your boring or dying space.


Mix and Match

Contemporary area rugs are normally made with the hand tufting technique which means these are strong against wear and tear. Expert artisans used a special blend of colors to create this wonderful piece called included in the New Wear collection. The Momeni NEW WAVE NW02 BLUE RUG is all about color and is a great piece to achieve that modern and traditional touch which is about sophistication that so many homeowners are doing nowadays. Made of wool fiber, the blue color featured on the rug combined with other neutrals such as browns and beiges plus the unique design would give a different kind of atmosphere to your space.



Make a statement with a graphic rug

Graphic rugs are not for everyone, but if you require a complete and drastic makeover to your living room, it’s the best choice. We tend to play it safe but those who are fearless reap amazing rewards. Striking rugs such as graphic rugs make a strong statement. These are rich in color, bold in design. For lovers of color, turn to the Momeni NEW WAVE NW05 WHITE RUG which balances a play of bold colors with neutrals. Made of wool fiber, it features hand-carving for that added depth.



Be brave with a striped rug

Reminiscent of the outdoors, this striped rug would be a wonderful addition for those who want something that will create an instant impact. Plant lovers or lovers of earthy colors would fall in love with this Momeni GRAMERCY GM06 MULTI RUG. The brown and green hues are instant reminders of the outdoors and it’s also something so many people are looking for nowadays. Made from Indian wool, this piece from the Gramercy collection is hand-loomed that carries higher-end hand-knotted area rugs.


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