Interior Design Themes Using Floral Area Rugs

June 4, 2021

One of the most popular and most versatile pieces of décor has to be those with floral designs. It works with any room and they are absolutely beautiful. The floral décor adds that unique touch to space and could instantly enhance that visual appeal. Area rugs are a staple decoration in any home. They could easily update the functionality of a space, which is why area rugs with floral design are very much



Area rugs are essential because of a few reasons. Back in the day, they even became a status symbol. But throughout the years, rugs have become necessary to our homes. They are primarily to add warmth especially during the colder months, but they have also become a great source of styling in the modern era. Prints and patterns add personality to a room or space, and with floral area rugs, you could just find furniture that would look best and then mix and match.


Here are some ways to decorate with floral area rugs and our best picks for the floral rugs that would work best:


Feminine and Floral

Women are meticulous when it comes to designing or decorating spaces. They tend to choose designs that would stand out and florals very much fit the description. If you are choosing to have a feminine yet livable space, pastels would be the perfect color theme. Add a floral area rug such as this one from Home Afrozz. The Home Afrozz Milan Sage/Blue–Teal Botanical Rug ML1011 paired with an Ivory-colored sofa set and pastel-colored throw pillows would look divine. The mixture of classic and floral patterns creates that feminine look. Hand-tufted with 100% wool material, this wonderful area rug is imported from India.


Natural and Floral

The natural look will always be popular because of its calming or soothing effect. Plus, natural-looking spaces are much easier to decorate. Whites and blues are normally the go-to colors when it’s about natural. This wonderful area rug Home Afrozz Charming Ivory Botanical Rug CM1001 is Ivory colored and hand-tufted using wool material. These kinds of area rugs are durable and just an overall charmer. The floral patterns give that pop of color for that natural yet vintage feel. You can choose wood furniture to add to the mix.



Pattern and Floral

Patterns are somewhat seasonal when it comes to clothing and are sometimes difficult to pair with other pieces. But patterns will always go with florals in terms of home décor. The possibilities are endless. Stripes, geometric shapes, dots – they will always look good with floral area rugs. For bold area rugs such as the Rizzy Azzura Hill AH9973 Orange Rug, it’s a good idea to use it in the center of the room as sort of the main décor piece. The vibrant colors and the eye-catching design almost have that 3D effect which will be fun to look at and could even become a conversation starter. Loomed using 100% polypropylene, your rug is of excellent quality and is highly durable. You can even use it outdoors.




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