How to Place Your Loloi Transitional Rugs in Your Home

March 11, 2021

Area rugs are an excellent piece of décor to any home. These don’t just only provide that extra elegance, they could also give warmth to your space, which is why it’s become an essential piece of embellishment. Another reason why they are very popular is because they are less of a commitment. So those who rent a home or those who regularly have to move from one place to another, really opt for area rugs. However, while they do work well on any room, once you go for these rugs it’s important to know how and where to place them.

Loloi Area rugs are quite known for their transitional rugs or those that blend elements of modern and traditional styles. Loloi released their Anastasia collection which are transitional rugs that would definitely give your space that combination. Here are some of our favorites.


Loloi Anastasia Af18 Copper / Ivory Rug


The Loloi Anastasia Copper/Ivory Rug is just one of the few items from the Loloi Anastasia collection. Made from Polypropylene and Polyester, this machine-made rug would be such as an amazing addition to your outdoor space. If you are thinking of placing it in the living room, you should consider the size so for example, you have a smaller living room, you may choose a smaller size and place it under a coffee table or in between the furniture. A bigger rug that fits all furniture could make your space feel bigger.


Loloi Anastasia Af17 Desert Rug


The Loloi Anastasia Af17 Desert Rug has that muted tone that would be great anywhere in your home. The Desert colored machine made rug was created using the Polypropylene and Polyester material, which is not only durable but easy to care. If you would like to place a rug in your bedroom, the trick is to know the size of your bed. And ideal size for a queen bed is around 8’ by 10’, while for a king size, a 9’ by 12’ rug fits perfectly. The most preferred way is to place the rug under the bed perpendicularly, not reaching the nightstands. This is the most ideal also so you can have something soft to step on.


Loloi Anastasia Af04 Ant Ivory / Rust Rug


One of our top selling products in this collection is the Loloi Anastasia Af04 Ant Ivory / Rust Rug. The Ivory/rust colored rug is made of highly durable materials such as Polypropylene and Polyester. This would be a perfect addition to your indoor space such as the dining room. The best place for such rug is under the dining table, centered and big enough to accommodate all the chairs. Make sure that the chairs are not wobbly and still comfortable to sit on. Measure the space first before you purchase your rug.

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