How to Make your Favorite Rugs?

December 29, 2015

Want to make your own area rugs? Thinking it is difficult for you? Not at all, you can simply make your own rug with a simple procedure. So, what you have to do and what you need? Here it is a simple procedure that you would assist you to make your favorite rug.


What are the requirements?

You need a rug canvas in the desired size also one inch on each edge for hems, you also need a cotton jersey fabric or t-shirts in your favorite colors. Felt markers, ruler, scissors or a rotary cutter, rug hook, thread and hand-sewing needle and nonslip rug pad.

And the procedure that you have to follow is:

Pre wash the fabric to avoid the color transfer. Also dry the fabrics in the dryer.

In order to make a rug with a graphic design, draw on the canvas with felt markers to specify the various color placements.

After this, you can slice the fabric into one-by-five inch strips. Pull on the strips so that the strips roll slightly for easier looping.

Making of the rug

Beginning in the center, poke the hook through a mesh square. Fold the strip in half and catch the fold with the hook. Pull the looped end through canvas to the underside about ¼ inch.

After doing this, you can repeat this process through all the canvas holes, changing shades as needed to make your own design.

Work the loops to within one inch of the canvas edges. And from the rug underside stitch loosely through the rows of loops to hold them in place.


Turn the unfinished canvas edges to form a hem and sew in place by hand to finish. If want to place your rug on a hard surface floor, you can use a nonslip pad under it just for safety or paint the underside with liquid latex.


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