How to Get Rid with the Most Common Problems of Wool Rugs?

December 28, 2015

If you have a wool rug in your room then you have definitely face some problems with wool rugs. Wool is actually a resilient fiber that is by nature withstand abrasion and dirt. As long as it is regularly subjected to a semi regular cleaning then it should never be a hassle to maintain. So, what are the main problems that you have to face with the wool rugs and how you can avoid them? Take look at most common problems with wool rugs and some simple and easy steps that can help you to avoid them.


Wool rugs with stains

If your wool rugs have some stains then you don’t have to worry about with that. You can easily remove all the stains with simple and easy home remedies.

First, you have to remove all debris, crumbs and particles from the affected area. Then lightly dampen the remaining stains with a mixture of water and white vinegar. The acidity of vinegar strengthens the bond between fiber and dye and prevents the color bleeding. Not only this, it also helps control any odors that might result from the spill.

Take a cotton towel in white in order to gently blot the spill area. A dry towel can be used to soak up moisture. Make sure all the fibers are completely dry. If this trick is not working then you can simply help with a professional carpet cleaner.

Excessive wear due to debris, dust and dirt

With the passage of time wool oriental rugs looks too dirty. With every footstep the dust particles stick into the rug. This will result in wreaks structural havoc on wool fibers and cotton foundation. And all will result in loose fibers, shorter pile and even holes in the rug. Regular vacuum is the main solution for the Oriental rug maintenance. Try to set your vacuum at highest carpet setting and run it along the rug .Whenever it is possible for you try to vacuum with the grain of the wool pile. This will help to reduce the fiber decomposition while removing the vast majority of the settled dust.

 White Knots in Wool Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs have tiny white dots that many start to emerge at some point in the lifetime. But truth be told, these white knots are actually the natural part of the rug weaving process. And these white knots are only reveals due to this natural process and can be result in washing, wear and age.

The simplest solution is to accept the white knots as a natural part of the aging process of wool rugs.


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