How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Rug for Spring

January 26, 2021

The pandemic gave us a whole new appreciation for spending more time at home, and while others have been maximizing their indoor spaces to do their work, maybe it’s also a good idea to also invest in your outdoor space so you’ll have more reasons to step out of the house and enjoy some outdoor air without having to go too far.


In a couple of months’ time, winter will be over and warmer months will be upon us. So to set the tone for the coming season, it’s a good idea to choose how to decorate your outdoor space with the perfect rug for spring time. The perfect rug could definitely do the trick in keeping your house not just striking, but an area where you can enjoy and embrace what the season have to offer.


Going for seasonal rugs is quite a simple and affordable way of upgrading your space. Here are a few tips on how you can choose the perfect outdoor rug for your home.


It is all about the colors.

There is a color for every season. The easiest way to decide on what to choose for your outdoor rugs upgrade is to know the colors of the season.


Spring Colors

When choosing rugs for the spring season, keep in mind that spring brings out all the bright colors and floral patterns. To bring a pop of color to your outdoor space, opt for colors such as classic blues, oranges, greens, and shades of red that instantly perk up the mood. During the winter, the heaviest of rugs are brought out, but when you are in the warmer months, you want something light with vibrant colors, which will definitely affect one’s mood.

Our indoor/outdoor rugs are the finest selection of rugs that perfectly capture the spring season. These contemporary outdoor rugs are designed for any season, and if you are looking for the perfect rug for spring time, then look no further. Here are some of our best picks:


Couristan Covington 3774 Navy/Multi Rug


This multi-colored rug made from thick bands of polypropylene is a stunning statement piece suitable for your patio or living area. Colors of spring such as blues, greens, plus florals will really make your space stand out from the rest. It is water resistant that is suitable for your outdoor needs during spring time.


Check out other Couristan Indoor/Outdoor rugs here.


Colonial Mills Simply Home Solid H834 Celery Rug


If you would like something more simple, this green colored Colonial Mills rug is perfect for spring. It is stain/fade resistant, which makes it so easy to maintain when you use it outdoors. Check out other Colonial Mills rugs from this collection here.



Momeni Newport NP15 Brown Rug


Momeni outdoor rugs that perfectly captures the spring season with their collection of colors from vibrant to neutral tones that are ideal for the outdoor setting. This Momeni Newport NP15 Brown Rug would be perfect for the spring time as you enjoy the gentle breeze out in your patio or porch.


You can check out more Momeni Indoor/Outdoor selections here.


Seasons change as fast as trends do. While not all people like following trends, upgrading your rugs is actually a good opportunity to change up the whole look of a room or an area without having to spend too much money.



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