How to Choose the Best Shag Rug?

December 17, 2015

Selecting the best quality shag rug for your home is little bit difficult but can be a lot of fun. They are making a comeback and there are so many designs, shades, sizes and materials available to choose from. Whether your home is contemporary, modern or traditional, with a little bit of attention you are ready to explore the quality rug to complement your home decor. Whenever you are going to shop for a rug, you have to consider a few of the key factors that would help you out.

Best Shag Rug


Nowadays, you can discover shag rug in almost in any color including brown, black, red, white, pink and yes, all the varying colors in between. If you still not decided the color, then it is better to consider what type of decor is presently in your room and what would be the color of the rug that is exactly match. Another great option is to shop a rug with a color that will match with multiple types of decor. For instance, if you home décor has earthy tones, then a brown shag rug would be an appropriate one, as it will match most of your home decor. If you have stainless steel appliances and glass furniture then may be the bold black or white rug would greatly fit in nicely.Color

Shag rugs are made in extensive variety of different materials including chenille, wool, sheepskin, olefin and leather. When selecting a material you should take into consideration a few things. Be sure to choose the durable material that can withstand for long. It is better to go with the olefin or another type of synthetic material. If you have a plan to get the shag rug to add warmth to a room, then you can choose a high pile flokati rug that may be the perfect option to consider.

Size is another large factor when selecting the right shag rug, and will be dependent upon where you plan on putting it. Will you need to use as a runner for a long hallway or need to be large enough to cover the hardwood flooring just underneath the dining room set? Either you want to choose the square, rectangle and round shape? Whatever your criteria, choosing an optimally sized should not be an issue since there you have many different styles of rugs in various shapes and sizes.

No doubt, shag rugs are a best way to style your home. And if you are looking for such an amazing variety, then you can get an extensive line of shag rugs in vibrant shades, unique designs and different sizes online at mark down rates. Browse online at Home Brands USA and shop your entire home decor with comfort of your home.


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