Four Simple Ways to Get Rid of Odors from Area Rugs

December 28, 2015

Odd smells are the most common problem with area rugs of different constructions and fibers. But nothing to worry about it can be resolved with a few simple steps. It is better to avoid using harsh chemicals and test any cleaning solutions in a specified area first. Let’s take a look at some effective remedies that help you to removing are rugs odors.


Vacuum Your Area Rug

The regular gentle vacuuming is undoubtedly the best thing you can do for your rug’s health. Yes, of course, that is the best solution that can surely help you out. Make sure to use a vacuum cleaner without roller brush to removes dust particles from the rug’s pile. It is better to continue vacuuming until and unless the odor is completely removed from your area rug.

Take advantage of UV Rays

Another most effective remedy of removing odors mildew smells from area rugs is to harness the UV rays. Yes, of course that is the perfect remedy that you can do at your home. What UV radiations can do, it disrupts the bacterial DNA which helps top kill organism that produce pungent or undesirable smells.

Exposed the affected rug to the direct sunlight for a few hours then flip it over to expose the back side. It might be take just about four to six hours. So, take advantage of direct sunlight in order to get rid of bacterial odor.

Charcoal for Odor Absorption

Charcoal is known to be famous for its capability to absorb odorous organic compounds. Lay the charcoal filled pantyhose at the top most of the carpet and then roll it up, laying down additional rows of charcoal hose. Once it is fully rolled, then wrap it in a plastic garbage bag. Seal it tightly to ensure that charcoal fully absorbs the rug’s odor. Unwrap the rug after a few of days and let it air out overnight. You can repeat this procedure if odor is still remain in the area rug.

The Kitty Litter Treatment

Kitty litter treatment is another great remedy to remove all sorts of odors. What you have to do? You can simply sprinkle the kitty litter on the area rug. It might take a few days for the clay to completely absorb odors and it all depends on the severity of the smell. After one or two days you can vacuum the rug for minimum time interval (just for few minutes).

All these remedies will be helpful for you to prolong your rug’s health.


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