Five of the Best Colorful Rugs Perfect for Your Home

May 21, 2021

Color plays a vital role in our society and our home. Our world is made up of different colors – each one represents something and may even influence how we live on a daily basis. Color is very important because it creates moods and may evoke emotions. For instance, in color psychology, the color red has been proved to actually influence a person’s ability to reach a certain decision. The color green or the nature’s color is more of a restful and soothing feeling which is great when you just want to feel calm.


One of the most common décors in our home is an area rug. An area rug is a practical investment because it brings warmth, floor protection, and adds beauty to your space. Colorful area rugs are probably a little bit risky when choosing a rug to display in your house, so it’s not for everyone. But honestly, where’s the fun in playing safe all the time?



We chose some of our favorite colorful area rugs that would look great in any space. Here’s our top five.

Couristan Kaleidoscope Indoor Mirage Sabalan Rug

One of our favorites is the Couristan Kaleidoscope Indoor Mirage Sabalan Rug with unique different color combinations and a dominant blue color. It displays that kaleidoscope effect which would catch anyone’s attention. Made from Polyester and Wilton Woven materials, this indoor area rug has that traditional and modern mix.



Barclay Butera Prism Honeydew Area Rug By Nourison

Next on our list is the Barclay Butera Prism Honeydew Area Rug By Nourison that colorful color combination that exudes fresh elegance. The colors are subtle but it has that modern flair. That playful texture when you run your hands through is mesmerizing. It was created using materials such as wool, cotton, and polyester and is handmade so it will for sure stand the test of time. This area rug was imported from India.




Loloi II Nadia Contemporary Rugs NN-08

This piece is one of the most colorful among the batch. The Loloi II Nadia Contemporary Rugs NN-08 is not only attractive but it’s durable. Not too mention, it’s quite cost-effective. The mix of colors may remind anyone of the galaxy which is such a cool thing to see. The rug is stain and fade resistant, perfect for indoor spaces.




Waverly Sun N’ Shade Indoor/Outdoor Runner Area Rug

The Sun N’ Shade collection by Waverly is known for its sophistication, and this particular piece just brings that color and fun to the bunch. Made of 100% polyester, this versatile rug is such a marvelous thing to look at whether indoor or outdoor. The botanical design would make this ideal to your casual indoor space or even the patio and balcony.



Loloi II Nadia Traditional Rugs NN-06

Another one from Loloi II, the Nadia Traditional Rug is a contemporary take on classic pieces. Made from polypropylene material, it is power-loomed in Turkey and is both stain and fade resistant. It also doesn’t shed so you will surely find this one low maintenance.


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