Five Beautiful Bohemian Area Rugs for Your Boho Themed Room

May 28, 2021

One of the biggest things the pandemic has taught us is to appreciate the indoors as much as we do now. Back then, because of our busy daily lives, we tend to forget the importance of our very own space. We spend so much time indoors that even make-overs rarely ever happens.

Last year, the sudden change in our daily lives also sparked interest in making themed rooms very popular. One of which is the boho-themed or bohemian-themed room. From teens to adults, people started becoming interested in making their bedrooms or spaces looking like it was straight out of the early 20th century full of colorful patterns with that traveling gypsy or hippie look.



Here are five of the most beautiful bohemian area rugs that would look perfect in your boho/bohemian-themed space.


Home Afrozz Home Afrozz Sapphire Ivory Boho Rug SP1009

We absolutely love the colorful pattern imprinted on this area rug. The Ivory colored Home Afrozz Home Afrozz Sapphire Ivory Boho Rug SP1009 was made from 100% wool material and is meticulously hand-tufted to precision. This area rug would look relaxing in any space especially if the theme is mostly whites or muted colors.


Nourison Passion Bohemian Rug PSN21

The lovely Passion collection has such wonderful pieces that would really add beauty to any space. The Nourison Passion Bohemian Rug PSN21 perfectly captures that bohemian vibe and with its geometric elements, plus it’s colorful patterns you will achieve that boho-themed room in no time. The rug is power loomed made from 100% polypropylene.





Home Afrozz Home Afrozz Sapphire Navy Boho Rug SP1010

The pattern is quite similar to the first one on our list, but we find that this piece would absolutely look gorgeous whether in your boho-themed living room or family room. Blue is complementary to yellow or mustard colors, and reds for that pop of color. Made of wool material and is hand-tufted, imported from India.


Nourison Passion Bohemian Rugs PSN03

This area rug has much bolder color than the other designs on this list, but it has the most intricate and eye-catching design. Made from 100% polypropylene, this fuchsia-colored rug has floral and geometric combinations. It is comfortable and low maintenance quality, which is perfect in rooms that have a lot of activities going on.


Home Afrozz Home Afrozz Sapphire Natural Boho Rug SP1004

The last, but certainly not the least on our list is another piece from the brand Home Afrozz and is included in the Sapphire collection. The Home Afrozz Sapphire Natural Boho Rug SP1004 has dominant blues and yellow prints. It captures that bohemian vibe and would complement furniture with earthy or bolder colors. This area rug is imported from India and hand-tufted using wool.



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