Five Amazing Oriental Weavers Patterned Rugs for Your Home

March 26, 2021

Rugs are very much consistent pieces of décor one could see in a home. There’s just something about rugs that give off that warmth and luxurious vibe. Many experts also believe that you can build an entire space or room around your rug of choice or they can also choose a rug that would match their furniture and wall color. Rugs are either plain or patterned. But it seems like patterned rugs are much more popular than the plain ones.

Patterned rugs have different types. There are traditional rugs, rugs that have bolder colors, those that have geometrical shapes, etc. There are so many to choose from, but it all boils down to one’s taste and aesthetic. Experts believe that while patterned rugs are a definite eye catcher, it’s important to consider the elements that will not make your room too overwhelming or too busy. The brand Oriental Weavers have some of the best patterned rugs out there.

Here are five amazing Oriental Weavers patterned rugs you can use in your home.


Oriental Weavers Laurel Abstract Rug 6365g

This Oriental Weavers Laurel Abstract Rug 6365g, is one of our picks for the perfect patterned rug for your home. Made from Polypropylene, which is known for its durability, the combination of bluish-green and beige colors would really look relaxing to the eyes.



Oriental Weavers Laurel Abstract Rug 6241a

The Oriental Weavers Laurel Abstract Rug 6241a from the Laurel collection has such diverse colors that would match any furniture in your home. The brown color, however, is very much dominant which makes it easier to match it with anything. The rug is made of Polypropylene material which is known for standing the test of time, and is machine woven. The abstract pattern of this rug is almost like a painting that would look fabulous in any space.


Oriental Weavers Laurel Geometric Rug 2733h

Like we’ve said, patterned rugs these days have become very much varied but aside from an abstract pattern, geometric ones are quite popular these days. This Oriental Weavers Laurel Geometric Rug 2733h with geometric circles is dominant of colors such as beige, reds, and blues. These colors are calming to the eyes and would match any furniture. Made of polypropylene material it is machine woven in the United States.


Oriental Weavers Laurel Abstract Rug 3504h

The Laurel collection is composed of really eclectic array of patterned rugs, and one of those is the Oriental Weavers Laurel Abstract Rug 3504h. Machine woven in United States, what is wonderful is that it is made from polypropylene material that is low maintenance. So if you are someone who has so much to do on a day-to-day basis, this rug would be perfect for you.


Oriental Weavers Laurel Geometric Rug 2798a

One of our favorites is this Oriental Weavers Laurel Geometric Rug 2798a, which has floral patterns that are just to die for. Made of polypropylene and is machine woven, not only will it create such elegance, it would also add some vintage feel to your home especially if you are going for that very theme.



If you do decide on patterned rugs, it’s always a good idea to match their accent colors to your other décor as to make it appear to have a theme that’s intentional. Patterned rugs are also great in small plain rooms to give it an illusion that the space is much bigger than what it actually is.

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