How to Find the Right Size Rug for Your Room

January 24, 2017

Finding the perfect area rugs online for your home is about more than just the square footage they cover. Your choice of floor covering makes a big impact on the overall design of a space, such as determining other home decoration items, as well dictating the room’s functionality to guests.


The Size

If you are searching for unique rugs online to cover an entire room’s flooring, to conceal an unattractive floor or for any other reason, it is important to measure the room’s square footage. If you want one large rug in the space, such as to cover the entire floor of a family room for kids to play on, choose a size that allows for an even amount of flooring exposed around it to create a balanced look. If you want to break up a larger room, such as a large living room, into different sections, choose rugs that are the right size to anchor those separate spaces. For example, place one rug under a conversational sitting arrangement by the fireplace and a matching rug underneath the sofa and place chairs in front of the television viewing area.


The Shape

When searching for the perfect floor covering, whether it be contemporary or traditional rugs, it is important you consider the shape of the rug as well as its size. Mimicking the lines of other elements in the space is a great way to visually enhance the design of any room. For example, square rugs should be placed in square rooms and round rugs should be placed in foyers or family rooms. Use the shape of your rug to draw attention to focal points in your space, as well as become a focal point in its own right.


The Style

Choosing the right size rug for your room also entails searching for the right style of either modern rugs or more traditional floor coverings, such as oriental rugs. Take textures into consideration, as well. For example, searching for the best area rugs for kids to be able to play on, may bring up results of shag rugs online or other wool rugs with a larger pile. This allows for more softness underneath their little feet. It could also bring up more durable styles for kids such as sturdy braided rugs.  If you are looking for a certain style only, to make a great visual impact in an elegantly decorated space, your search may turn up Persian rugs or other flat weave rugs online featuring more intricate designs.


The Design

When choosing the final design of the rug for your rooms, take into consideration the placement of the rug. For example, do not get a rug featuring a beautiful center medallion as the focal point if you are placing it underneath your dining room table. Instead, choose patterned area rugs with an allover design to place underneath furniture.


Whether your home is in need of geometric pattern area rugs or floral area rugs to liven up your spaces, take the time to choose the right size rug for your room in shape as well as in design.

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