Contemporary Design Tips to Achieve a Minimalistic Style in Your Home

December 13, 2016

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines minimalism as “a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.” When searching for home decor products online to decorate your home in a minimalist style, it is important to think carefully about every element you add. Every item you search for must serve a purpose in your space, whether it is for practical functionality, visual impact, or both as in contemporary area rugs.

Color Schemes

There are no hard rules for minimalist color schemes. Monochromatic, however, does lend itself well to contemporary minimalism. Finding discount modern rugs, you love, for example, that are solid in color, can become the inspiration for the entire space. Choose the same hue in darker and lighter tones, such as dark grays and blacks to complement light gray flooring. Even patterned area rugs, though, can be used as a focal point. Simply choose one or two colors out of the design to become the color scheme of the room. This same method applies to any decorative items you already own and do not want to part with.

Floor Coverings

Speaking of discount area rugs online, floor coverings are a large part of creating a contemporary feel in your home. Finding one on the Internet for a good deal makes the decorating process seem even easier. Whether you gravitate towards braided rugs, floral area rugs, or modern solid color discount round rugs, it is important to find a design that complements the rest of your room. Because this will be one of the main elements in a minimalist space, take the time to find one that you really love.

Wall Art

Wall art is another item that inspires a contemporary space. Keep things simple by choosing one larger piece for a wall, rather than grouping smaller prints together. This will have a greater visual impact and stay truer to the minimalist philosophy of less being more. Your art does not have to be conventional, though. You are not limited to paintings, prints, or other traditional mediums. Look into metal art pieces to highlight an industrial vibe in a room, or hang up antique discount Persian rugs for an Asian feel in the space. Research different discount oriental rugs online, such as Kilim rugs. These and other flat weave rugs make perfect wall hangings versus other soft pile wool rugs, because of the flat weave design.


Accessories are where a lot of people start to stray from the minimalist style. It is difficult to choose just a few decorative items for a room. If you already have pieces you love, ensure they have a place of honor in the space, and keep other knickknacks to a bare minimum. For example, if you have found a few shag rugs online that remind you of fun days gone by, coordinate a couple retro novelties to match, like a vintage soda table and stools. If you do not completely adore an item, do not use it in the design. It is better to have a few blank spaces around the room than to have clutter accumulate in the area, ruining the simplicity entirely.

Find home decoration items online to help you create your dream contemporary minimalist style. Keep in mind to select elements wisely and sparingly, taking the time to search for everything from modern furniture pieces to unique rugs. Even discount indoor outdoor rugs are available to turn your outdoor living spaces into an extension of your interior design.

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