Liven Up Your Living Room with These Contemporary Rug Ideas
Area Rugs , Casual Rugs , wool rugs / July 23, 2021

Home décor makes such a strong and lasting impact on your space, most especially your living room. The living room is an essential part of your house because aside from the dining area, it’s the place where everyone comes together and makes lasting memories with family and friends. For instance, choosing an area rug that will set the tone for your room is important for a variety of reasons. If you are someone who likes to follow trends, you most likely know what we are talking about. Area rugs may affect both a person’s mood and the overall atmosphere of a room. Contemporary area rugs are types of rugs that normally have modern designs. These designs can be soft or hard designs depending on the choice of pattern and color. Contemporary area rugs are usually more western and they fit so well in informal homes. These rugs may feature geometric shapes and abstract ones so they will surely liven up the mood of your space. A living room that has been totally neglected over the years may need some makeover. Here are a few of our choices for contemporary rugs and tips that would revive your boring or dying space. Mix…

Let’s Talk About Specialty Rugs and our Favorites from Nourison
Area Rugs , Weave Rugs , wool rugs / June 21, 2021

Area rugs do a lot for our homes and our daily lives more than we think. They warm up our place especially when it gets too cold. They separate our spaces and even improve the acoustics as it isolates and absorb the sound or echo. Most of all, they make it look so good that people will not notice it. It’s a great conversation starter. The first thing your guests will notice is the ambiance or how your home welcomes in friends and loved ones. The ambiance dictates one’s mood after a very stressful day at work or just your day in general. Home décor is such an important element in your space because it tells a lot about one’s personality. One type of rug that tells exactly that is called Specialty rugs and they do more than provide soft foot padding. Specialty rugs are very unique in terms of color and detail because they are custom made. Custom-made means these are not usually mass-produced and created with a certain design or pattern in mind in line with a client’s preference or liking. These rugs are particularly much more expensive compared to other area rugs because of their distinctiveness and quality. Specialty Area Rugs…

Modern & Contemporary Area Rugs You Should Buy Now
Area Rugs , wool rugs / April 23, 2021

No room in a house is ever complete without an area rug. It has a staple in any house because not only do they provide underfoot warmth they could change up the look of your space. Sometimes, your floors need that extra fix and the easiest thing to do is to add rugs that will accentuate any space in your home. They can even cover up floors that are less than attractive so from a practical perspective, you can have a quick solution. Rugs could also improve the acoustics of a room. Especially now that working from home is the norm, meetings would normally require better audio from your end so these rugs are good to cancel echoes and other muffling sounds.   Area rugs come in various shapes and sizes. One of the most popular ones is the Modern & Contemporary rugs. These rugs are well suited to place on floors from traditional to modern houses. What makes area rugs such a fantastic addition to any room is their ability to define separate spaces to your home. So between the aesthetic and practical perspective, your choice of area rugs would complete the look of your space.   We understand that…

All About Shag Rugs and The Best Dalyn Shag Rug Picks
Area Rugs , Shag Rugs , wool rugs / April 2, 2021

For many years now, the carpet industry has made our home so much more presentable and aesthetically pleasing. The growing industry has created some of the best kinds that made it such an exciting addition to any space. These days, especially with the millennials, Shag Rugs have really become very popular. The uniqueness and its trendy look make it really appealing to so many people nowadays. The textural and messy look of Shag Rugs create such an interesting feel to any room. Shag Rugs have different types. They are Flokati Shag Rugs, leather type, Wool type, and synthetic. Flokati shag rugs are the fluffiest out of this bunch. They are normally made in light colors such as whites and creams. What is amazing about these rugs is that they are low maintenance so they are easy to clean. The other famous type is the leather Shag Rugs. The leather type is much more delicate than the others. They need more care because the material itself is vulnerable, so it is better to keep a close eye on them if you choose this type. These rugs are really attractive pieces especially if you want that distinct look to your space. Wool…

Best Rizzy Animal Print Area Rugs for Your Home
Animal Print Rugs , Area Rugs , wool rugs / March 19, 2021

Animal prints have long been considered ubiquitous in the fashion world. So many designers, celebrities, and even regular people have been choosing the animal print fashion. These days, animal print is no longer just limited to fashion but it has been quite popular as home décor. Choosing to decorate your home using animal prints actually require fearlessness because of how it could make or break the overall look of a space. Animal prints could become such statement pieces. If you are looking into trying out animal patterns, one of the easiest ways to do that is through the use of area rugs. Not only do animal print area rugs create such an eccentric vibe to any room, these are also really great for comfort and warmth. Patterns inspired by animals such as zebras, leopards, and giraffes are the go-to pieces because of the bold prints that really make such a lasting impact. The Rizzy area rugs has some of the best-looking animal print area rugs in our list. When it comes to animal print, rooms would normally benefit more if the rugs are larger in size. Rugs do not usually take too much of anyone’s attention because it’s meant to…

How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Rug for Spring
Momeni Rugs , wool rugs / January 26, 2021

The pandemic gave us a whole new appreciation for spending more time at home, and while others have been maximizing their indoor spaces to do their work, maybe it’s also a good idea to also invest in your outdoor space so you’ll have more reasons to step out of the house and enjoy some outdoor air without having to go too far.   In a couple of months’ time, winter will be over and warmer months will be upon us. So to set the tone for the coming season, it’s a good idea to choose how to decorate your outdoor space with the perfect rug for spring time. The perfect rug could definitely do the trick in keeping your house not just striking, but an area where you can enjoy and embrace what the season have to offer.   Going for seasonal rugs is quite a simple and affordable way of upgrading your space. Here are a few tips on how you can choose the perfect outdoor rug for your home.   It is all about the colors. There is a color for every season. The easiest way to decide on what to choose for your outdoor rugs upgrade is…

The Ultra Soft and Luxurious Shag Rugs
Rugs , Shag Rugs , wool rugs / April 18, 2016

If there is one rug collection that seems to have enchanted all customers then it is definitely the Wool Rugs. True to its claims, these rugs with their soft texture offer a super luxurious experience to the users. The customers experience about these rugs suggest that they found these beyond their expectations as they not only loved these rugs but also loved the fastest free shipping that Home Brands USA provides with these. Similarly, the customers also suggest that they fell in love with the beautiful colors of these shag rugs that go along well with almost anything. Their experience with this rug suggests that these brought a luxurious touch to their homes and simply lightened up their lives and homes with their mere presence. The good news for all of you out there is that these rugs are being offered in a range of colors and in an array of designs. Therefore, whether you are the one who prefers mono colored rug or the one who prefers multi colored rugs Home Brands USA has it all for you. All you are required to do to buy these rugs for your home is to simply logon to and take a…

Wool Rugs- Keep your Room Warm!
wool rugs / February 10, 2016

We all love to do something interesting to decorate our home in some creative style. We always want to add some personal touches in every room and every corner of our home. And of course we don’t want to ignore the floors of our home. If you want to revitalize your floor then there is no easy way to simply add an area rug. They can add a new life and some classic beauty into your home without any trouble.