A Brief History of Kilim Rugs

December 6, 2016

When looking for unique rugs online to add a special touch to your home, you should come across discount Kilim rugs. Unlike other discount rugs online, these rugs use techniques steeped in mystery. Many cultures lay claim to discovering the method, with woven tales as creative as their rugs.

The Making of a Kilim

You see, the main difference between these area rugs and other pile rugs or conventional carpet found online is in how they are made. A pile rug is traditionally made by knotting together different strands of wool, which is dyed different colors, into what is called “warps”. The pattern forms when these warps are pressed tightly against one another and the excessive length is cut off to a certain length, creating a pile. The design on flat weave rugs like Kilim rugs, on the other hand, is made by interweaving the strands of knotted wool so there is no pile when it is done.

The History of Kilim Rugs

The source of these flat weave rugs is where the controversy lies. An official dictionary definition of the word “Kilim” is “a pileless hand-woven reversible rug or covering made in Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran, and Western Turkistan.” But, there is evidence in that they have roots in North Africa, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia and China, as well. All of these places have a heritage of the same various flat weaving skills that make up these unique rugs.

The Origin of the Kilim

As you begin searching for discount area rugs online, you’ll find out that when this type of rug first appeared is another debate among historians. Some claim they have been around since the fourth century BC. Others say they began being exported during the sixth and seventh centuries. Even Marco Polo gets in on the discussion, describing beautiful rugs such as these during his travels in the 1200’s. Alexander the Great says he found a grand rug like this in the tomb of Cyrus the Great. There is no hard evidence to back up any of these stories, of course, because textiles are not durable enough to stand the test of time and rarely are preserved for more than a century. This is why you should take advantage of any discount Kilim rugs you come across. They are a fleeting decorative item a family can only pass down a few times, before having to invest in a new one, especially if they are not properly cared for. Many of these contemporary area rugs are cheaper than their pile counterparts because of not being considered as luxurious to walk on.

Interior Design with Kilim Rugs

Whether you are looking for traditional or modern rugs, these beauties work in all kinds of decor settings. If you want a softer feel under your feet such as shag rugs, or a more country look in your space like braided rugs, you can also use a Kilim as a wall hanging.

Whether you are trying to find an alternative to the round rugs in your dining room or want a unique complementary wall hanging to match the discount indoor outdoor rugs in your foyer, a Kilim could be just what you need to weave your entire interior design scheme together.

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