Best Rizzy Animal Print Area Rugs for Your Home

March 19, 2021

Animal prints have long been considered ubiquitous in the fashion world. So many designers, celebrities, and even regular people have been choosing the animal print fashion. These days, animal print is no longer just limited to fashion but it has been quite popular as home décor. Choosing to decorate your home using animal prints actually require fearlessness because of how it could make or break the overall look of a space.

Animal prints could become such statement pieces. If you are looking into trying out animal patterns, one of the easiest ways to do that is through the use of area rugs. Not only do animal print area rugs create such an eccentric vibe to any room, these are also really great for comfort and warmth. Patterns inspired by animals such as zebras, leopards, and giraffes are the go-to pieces because of the bold prints that really make such a lasting impact.

The Rizzy area rugs has some of the best-looking animal print area rugs in our list. When it comes to animal print, rooms would normally benefit more if the rugs are larger in size. Rugs do not usually take too much of anyone’s attention because it’s meant to have furniture on top of it, but the right size definitely adds to the look you are going for.


Rizzy Valintino Vn9649 Light Gray Rug

One of our picks from the Rizzy Valintino collection is this light gray animal print area rug that is hand tufted to perfection. The rug is made of wool, which is known for its resistance to factors that normally ruin a rug like soiling. Its durability makes it such a good investment. Why not decorate by placing this rug in your living space or your office space with an antique desk over it for that chic effect.



Rizzy Valintino Vn9648 Multi Rug

Another great piece from the Rizzy Valintino collection is this Rizzy Valintino Vn9648 Multi Rug, which has that colorful cheetah print that will absolutely look great indoors. Made of wool that stands that test of time and the daily wear and tear, all four sides are hand serge in matching wool. Blue tones like midnight blue, cobalt or even mustard yellow cushions or pillows would look really great with this rug.

VN9648_flat VN9648_runner


Rizzy Craft Cf0783 Black Rug

Rizzy area rugs also have the Craft collection, and one of their amazing pieces is this Rizzy Craft Cf0783 Black Rug with that intricate zebra pattern, which would become such an attention-grabbing piece to your indoor space. A wall color or furniture pieces with a mix of orange, yellows, tans or browns would look divine with this area rug. Made of 100% wool that is hand-tufted from plush, durable wool, it is available in multiple colors and sizes that will fit into any space.



Rizzy Country Ct2062 Multi Rug

If you are someone who is not afraid to choose something different and not afraid of patterns, this multi-colored rug is for you. Rizzy rugs also released this amazing design from the Rizzy Country collection. Hand-tufted from highly durable wool, this design screams that quiet, simple, countryside life. It’s soft to the touch and all corners hand serge.


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