All About Shag Rugs and The Best Dalyn Shag Rug Picks

April 2, 2021

For many years now, the carpet industry has made our home so much more presentable and aesthetically pleasing. The growing industry has created some of the best kinds that made it such an exciting addition to any space. These days, especially with the millennials, Shag Rugs have really become very popular. The uniqueness and its trendy look make it really appealing to so many people nowadays. The textural and messy look of Shag Rugs create such an interesting feel to any room.

Shag Rugs have different types. They are Flokati Shag Rugs, leather type, Wool type, and synthetic.

Flokati shag rugs are the fluffiest out of this bunch. They are normally made in light colors such as whites and creams. What is amazing about these rugs is that they are low maintenance so they are easy to clean.

The other famous type is the leather Shag Rugs. The leather type is much more delicate than the others. They need more care because the material itself is vulnerable, so it is better to keep a close eye on them if you choose this type. These rugs are really attractive pieces especially if you want that distinct look to your space.

Wool Shag Rugs are made to look shaggier and this is through a method which knits wool fibers closely together to create that effect. It is actually popular because it makes the cleaning easier plus it makes the rug durable.

Lastly, the Synthetic Shag Rugs would not be your go-to item if you are looking for reliability and easy maintenance. However, they can be tempting because they are less expensive that the others. So if you are mainly shopping for decorative purposes with the intention of not spending much, synthetic Shag Rugs could be the one for you.


The Dalyn brand released a collection of Shag Rugs that would be perfect for your home. Here are our three of our favorites.


Dalyn Rocco Shag Rugs 105684

The Dalyn Rocco collection released some of the best Shag Rugs that would look amazing in your indoor space. The Dalyn Rocco Shag Rug 105684 comes in two colors – denim and silver that will totally match your furniture. The rug is made of Polypropylene and imported from Egypt.

RC3_Denim  RC3_Silver


Dalyn Rocco Shag Rugs 105719

The Dalyn Rocco Shag Rugs 105719 is another one of our top favorites. This particular shag rug design comes in three colors such as multi, charcoal, and navy. It also comes into several sizes. The rug is made of Polypropylene which is known for its durability, however, to maintain its quality, just spot clean with mild soap and water.

RC7_Multi  RC7_Charcoal  RC7_Navy


Dalyn Rocco Shag Rugs 105691

The Dalyn Rocco Shag Rug 105691 is another one of our picks from the Rocco collection because of its amazing pattern that would look good in any space. Shag Rugs are very popular these days, and this design is just an amazing piece. Made from Polypropylene which is very durable and imported from Egypt, this design is low maintenance and to keep it aesthetically pleasing vacuum regularly with straight suction vacuum.




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